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What was, still is.

Today, ten years ago, I vowed forever to my husband. I promised to love and honor him in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. Boy, did those words hold a whole different meaning ten years ago. Mervyn and I had been dating for three years so we knew each other fairly well, but marriage brings a completely new level of vulnerability and transparency that we had no idea was waiting for us.

The past ten years have been ugly, difficult, humbling and quite revealing. Divorce statistics didn't seem so far-fetched some days and neither one of us can pretend our marriage has been easy but we aren't called to.

Marriage is meant to put the Gospel reality on display.

We have danced through joy-filled peaks and crawled through valleys of grief, we have fought (hard) and forgiven (hard). We have grown, by the Grace of God and so has our love.

These last ten years, we got pregnant and gave birth rather uneventfully twice. We got pregnant, remained pregnant and miraculously gave birth once. We have spent three years of hard work, and stress in the process of adopting. We have loved and lost one of the most beautiful women this world has known. We have travelled, we have held hands, we have dated. We bought our first house and our last van (HAHA!!).

Our ten years have been hard but at the same time, they've been beautiful, honoring, sanctifying and lovely. There is no one I would rather share this life with than you and if given the chance, knowing what's ahead, I'd choose you over and over and over. We've set our love upon each other and that love has only deepened, matured and strengthened.

Ten years ago, I married the greatest man I knew and I still hold that to be true. Mervyn, I am humbled that God saw me worthy of your love and not a day goes by that I take that for granted. You are my love, my life, my forever and it is my JOY to love you.

Love always,

Your wife.


Our wedding day was lovely. We enjoyed an incredible day of fun with our family and close friends. We were MARRIED and that was all that mattered BUT sadly, we ended the day with zero photos of just the two of us. That has always been hard to swallow.

So here we are, ten years later, putting back on our wedding garments and recreating those photos we missed out on. I’ve waited ten years for photos with him like this. Ten. Years. People.

BIG thank you to my sweet and talented sister who took these for us.

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