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My (still a work-in-progress) Fitness Journey

Okay... this is awkward and uncomfortable to share. Posting bare belly photos of myself is not really my cup o' tea but I feel it's important. I am by no means a fitness know-it-all, trainer or a registered dietician but I am a person that has lost weight and body fat by committing to living a healthy lifestyle and want to help inspire others to do that, too!

Let's start from the beginning. Growing up, honestly, I paid no attention to what my body looked like. It wasn't something that was ever really an issue or brought up in our house.

Philippines 2008. I was 21 and burned like a LOBSTER!

My mom was always thin, so I figured genetics were on my side (LET'S ALL TAKE A SECOND TO LAUGH). However, once I had my second son, I started to put on weight. It was a slow burn and I didn't recognize it until two years later when my sister-in-law was married. I saw a picture of myself from behind and decided THAT day that I was going to change up my diet and start exercising.

My husband and I bought Insanity and I started dieting... actually I stopped eating. I restricted my diet because I thought that is what you did. But HEY! I lost 20lbs and was down to 112lbs, mind you I am 5'5".

Everything came to a screeching halt when I got pregnant with our little miracle baby and was put on strict bedrest. No more exercising, no more restricting my diet, I needed this little one. He was born, and the baby weight I found... it never went away. YIKES! I gained all the weight back that I lost the first go around, too. So we found a traditional gym and I started dieting, AKA restricting and then binging.

The kiddos loved the gym! I did not. I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing so I just stayed on one cardio machine and watched Friends on the little built in TV. It was miserable for me. I felt really uncomfortable. The trainers and those exercising were likely really kind but I am an awkward turtle and I wouldn't even look around to find out. Randomly, we got invited to a free little Fit Camp at a park in our neighborhood on Saturdays and started going - the kids played, we got to exercise with our best friends, it was a win-win.

Free Fit Camp that started it all!

At this Fit Camp, I really started to enjoy exercising and was introduced to Herbalife. I bought a three day trial basically to debunk the thought. HAHA! Because my cycle of restricting and then binging was working quite well for me thankyouverymuch. I started the three day and actually FELT better. Likely because I was having three meals, but I still wouldn't eat the snacks because "that's too many calories." I was still a skeptic.

The trainers that started this Free Camp opened up their gym and Mervyn and I followed them. In August of 2017 we started in a free 30 day challenge and totally fell in love with it. This gym wasn't like others, for me. I felt included and welcomed and loved where I was at. It was insane. I found my community.

I redid my body composition about 10 months in and was kinda shocked. I was "skinny fat." I hid my body fat well under my clothing but seeing the numbers was eye opening. I had little muscle and a lot of fat. I was just DONE with starving myself and then binging on junk food.

I committed to using Herbalife. I felt like seeing all of these amazing humans with results and not trusting their process was so absurd of me! I decided to just TRUST THE PROCESS and see what happened.

I am still a work-in-progress. Let me tell you that. I am not where I'd like to be but I am so proud of how far I've come! My mindset has changed. I no longer restrict and binge, I eat SIX times a day and I am focusing on building muscle and losing fat. I am now a Health Coach with Herbalife at our gym and have committed to helping people change their health! What a difference a year makes!

Before & work-in-progress

Currently, I am prepping for a Fitness photo shoot at the end of October (SAY WHAT!) and I'm helping another gal prep for her own shoot! I've found such joy in helping other people achieve their own goals while still achieving mine!

My journey will never be over but it is FREEING not obsessing over food or starving myself.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ASK!

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