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Brief Introduction

I'm Jess. I'm married to Mervyn and we have four children. Three are biological and one is in process of being adopted internationally. I will share our adoption story in a later blog, it's a good one!

I started this blog because I needed it. I have held the title of stay-at-home-mom for almost nine years, which is an INSANE BLESSING, but also comes with a little bit of identity loss.

Just while I have been typing this short intro, I have been asked to...

  • Clean a new ear piercing.

  • Listen intently to a recent scripture memorized.

  • Read a Seek-and-Find book.

  • Wipe a little person's tooshie.

  • Swaddle a Pikachu in a blanket so he doesn't get sick.

  • Explain a homeschool lesson, again.

Being at home, teaching my children, was a dream of mine from the beginning and my days are filled with joyfully (most of the time) meeting the needs of others that I often forget to meet my own. I am most ME when I'm writing and blogging, being creative. So there came the idea for this little blog!

How did we land on the name LoveUnfolds?

Well... because we are living it out. Between ten years of marriage (so WILD!), four children, one adoption... we have seen firsthand how love will unfold and develop. Love looks different now, in the best ways, than it ever did.

What's all of this about?

That's a pretty good question and one I'm not sure I have a definitive answer to. I suppose this blog will be whatever pours out. Life, reviews, musings, homeschool, adoption, parenting, fitness. I guess it'll be a surprise to us all!

Buckle up and let's see where this takes us!


Join us as we watch LoveUnfold.

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