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Here we go, again...

We are completing our second 12 week cut! This time, I am coaching others through it, too, which is super special for me.

These 12 weeks are will really test a person's self-control, drive and will-power.

You are forced to say no to things you want momentarily in order to achieve what you want longterm.

I've been at birthday parties and brought my own food, I've been at nice restaurants and had to watch other people eat fried pickles while I ordered plain salmon and broccoli, I've been at Disneyland and skipped out on the churros. But at the end, I saw what I was capable of. Not just physically, but mentally.

I've always struggled with my relationship with food. Food makes me happy and I'm not great at moderation. I tend to eat until I feel like I'm going be sick and I would completely give up all foods in lieu of candy, chocolate and baked goods. HA! I have a huge sweet tooth. I'm excited to go for ROUND TWO and watch other people transform their eating habits and their bodies. It's really exciting!

SPOILER ALERT: We aren't stopping at twelve weeks (like the rest of our group), we have different goals this time so we're going until JULY! So, technically, it's a 21 week cut. ;)

But HERE WE GO, again!

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