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Freebie Friday!

Holy smokes. This week got away from me! Of course, right when I voiced I would blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... I failed. HAHA!

Here is this week's Freebie! It is designed to fit as wallpaper for your phone.

With life getting busier and more crowded, sometimes our patience runs thin and tempers run hot. Speaking from experience, when I've had "just one last thing to do" and my kids have the audacity to ask me to help them get water, or start behaving like children, or laugh too loudly, I am quick to frustration and anger. Am I dramatizing to get my point across? I wish I could say yes, but you know as well as I do, sometimes these are the actual reasons we snap at them.

I pray that in those times of frazzle-ness, you're able to look down at this wallpaper and remember to show them the Grace that we are freely shown. God, in His tender mercy, gives us what we don't deserve. Show your kiddos, Jesus. Show them Grace.

And sweet friend, determine not to fall short, but please remember, when you fail (and you will) Jesus' blood has paid for that. His mercy is new every day.


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