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FIVE BEST Organizational Tips

1. Don't

2. Even

3. Bother

4. With

5. Kids

I KID, I KID! I just couldn't pass up that joke... because is it really all that much of a joke? Kids do tend to make organization and cleaning a bit more difficult but with perseverance and patience, it can be done!

There are hundreds of books, articles and TV shows with different organization tips and tricks so this blog will just address what I have found to work for me. My thinking is very compartmentalized and my logic may not work for you but give it a shot!

TIP ONE - Create a list

Let's face it, I love lists. I love making a list and checking items off of it. I deep clean twice a year and I always start by making a specific list of the rooms in my home that I want to get to.

My list includes...

Upstairs Bathroom Our Bedroom

Annalyn's Room Front Room

Boy's Room Toy Closet

Laundry Room Coat Closet

School Room Kitchen

Craft Closet Pantry

Elijah's Room Downstairs Bathroom

TIP TWO - Give yourself a timeframe

I am specific with my rooms because I give myself time to clean, organize and check off each item. I do not try to accomplish this in one weekend, that would put me under too much stress. I try to get all 14 items checked off in 8 weeks. That allows me to do 2 rooms/areas a week with some spare time for when life gets crazy. Typically, I can get to at least two a week.

TIP THREE - Decide on a designated place for overflow

You know the old saying, "It gets worse before it gets better but it will get better"? That is quite true of my organization flow. I decide on one room/area to be my last and that is the designated overflow area. My husband is aware that this is the method that works for me and even though it drives him bonkers, he knows that something great is coming. LOL!

TIP FOUR - Get Started

I tackle one room at a time. I have tried to categorize specific items and organize that way (example: bedroom closets, dressers, nightstands, under the bed, cabinets, bookshelves etc) but I found it to be way too much running around for me. I would get distracted and veer off track. Now, I go into the room on my list and I pull everything out, deep clean, organize and put back.

Let's say I was on Annalyn's room, I would go in and pull everything out of one drawer, remove items that have holes, she doesn't wear or that do not fit her, I would then nicely fold and put remaining back. Everything taken out would be separated into trash/donation/yardsale boxes. I then do the same under her bed, on her shelves etc. The only exception are closets, I do not remove everything, I simply look at and touch each item and pull clothes from there. While I'm in this room, I will clean baseboards, dust all surfaces, clean blinds, deep clean. When I'm done, I take the trash/donation/yardsale boxes and deal with those. Trash will go into the garbage and donation/yardsale items will be folded in labelled bags and set in my designated overflow place. I check this room off of my list and I move onto the next room.

TIP FIVE - Deal with overflow

When I get to my last room, I have lots of bags for donation/yardsale to take care of. Typically, my last room is my front room. My front room is easy to clean and has lots of space (though it isn't pretty when I am going through these steps) so I have space to store these bags. I dole out the donated items to family/friends or strangers and I sell the remaining. I end up making a few extra bucks and I can sleep knowing my house was organized in 8 weeks!

I hope these tips help you guys! If you try them, let me know or if you have any other tips or tricks, please comment down below!


With love,


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