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Dominic : Senior

Oh man. Meet Dominic. My "nephew," AKA my best friend's son, whom I've had the pleasure of watching grow up from a goofy, baby-faced, fun, little boy into a funny, respectful, witty, God-fearing, young man. This year, he graduates high school and begins his adult life. We pray fiercely over these next few years for him, that he would continue to grow into the man God has set him apart to be, that he would follow the Lord's calling on his life and that he would grow even deeper in his relationship with his Savior.

We are so proud of you, Diggy.

Lynell has watched this child flourish in the sport he loves for 16 years. While it's an end of one and beginning of another season for Dominic, it is also that for his precious mom. You've done good, mama.

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