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.... another COVID-19 blog?!

Have you ever felt burdened over something but just couldn't quite nail down WHY?! That's how I've been feeling the last week. I've been praying about it, considering it and talking it out with my God and I have come to a realization.

First, let me preface by saying that my family has been in semi-isolation since last Wednesday, the 11th. We have stopped with our normal and become somewhat reclusive. To most people, this is hard, but for my introverted personality, this is what I've been preparing for my whole life. HAHA!! In seriousness, we just weren't sure what this virus was or how it would affect the States and we hunkered down to protect Elijah.

You see, my son would be what is considered "high-risk" for this. He is compromised. I'm not sure how he will fight it. I'm not sure if he will need assistance. I'm not sure if he will kick the virus faster than the rest of us (that is who he is!!). Because of that, we just decided to take it easy and limit exposure. Not for fear of getting it. but for fear of getting it with everyone else.

So... we've stopped with our normal. We've stopped going out. We've stopped shopping. We've stopped working out. We've stopped dance. We've stopped BJJ. We've. Just. Stopped.

We've started reading. We've started family walks. We've started cooking dinner. We've started cuddling. We started at-home piano lessons. We've. Finally. Started.

There is much to be "given up" in this season... as humans, it's painful to miss out but that is what we are being called to do right now. Die to ourselves for the good of someone else. We aren't stopping for our benefit, we are stopping for theirs. When you skip the gym, you could be saving the 90 year old neighbor of the 30 year old girl you normally work out with. When you reschedule dinner, you are putting less of a risk on the waiter's 34 year old husband with Diabetes. When you die to yourself, you could be saving someone else.

Yes, it's dramatic. Yes, I wrote it dramatically. But we're told that what we do for the least of these, we do for Jesus.

This is a time to serve Jesus.