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5 Reasons to Rent Your Clothes

In February, I received an invitation to a very formal event at the SAM with the dreaded words... "Black Tie Optional." Perhaps this wording doesn't bring you to shivers but for a girl who lives in jeans and yoga pants, I panicked. I had no idea what that meant so off to google I went!

Okay... prom dress? Got it! Can do! Luckily, prom dresses were in stores so I decided to go out looking for one. Well... lemmetellya prom dresses ain't what they used to be. HA!! Every dress was two pieces, or too short and too tight for this mom-bod. I was scouring the department stores but I felt like at 30, I'm too young for the Ladies department but I'm too old for the Juniors.

That's when I discovered renting clothing was a thing! Maybe I'm late to the party but what a game changer! I gave it a go and I was SOOOOO pleasantly surprised!

My darling husband and I in my rented $76 gown!

Here are five reasons you should consider renting your clothes.

1. Save time. Time is precious and spending hours looking for the right dress, jacket or shoes for a one time event is miserable. Then leaving empty-handed is frustrating. You can browse online from your phone at your own convenience and it's delivered to your door.

2. Don't break the bank. The dresses I was browsing at the mall were $250+. For a dress I was going to wear once, that is a bit unjustifiable. The dress I rented cost $76!

3. Save space. I adore my wedding dress (another gown I spent thousands of dollars on and only wore once) but it takes up a LOT of space. I didn't want another lovely gown taking up beloved space in my closet.

4. No ordinary clothes. I knew there were guaranteed to be a lot of beautiful gowns at this event and I really didn't want to show up in the same dress as someone else. Renting allowed me to wear a designer piece of clothing I never would have purchased otherwise and I felt like a princess!

5. Trends. These companies update their inventory to reflect current trends. They take the guesswork out for us and we can try new styles with no real commitment.

I highly suggest looking through each photo posted by those that have worn before and read the reviews. The most helpful thing about the company I rented from (Rent the Runway) was they offered to send two sizes at no additional charge. So if one didn't fit, I had the second option!

Also, order early. I favorited a few dresses and within the week, my size was claimed for my rental period.

Well there we have it, my top five reasons to rent clothing. It was a fun experience and I can't wait to rent for an event again!


Have you rented a piece of clothing before? How was your experience?

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